Auto Dealership Insurance

Get your policy from insurance specialists who know your industry. That’s us!

At Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services, we understand the intricacies surrounding insurance coverage for auto dealerships. Other insurance agencies may not understand the specialized needs required by your type of business. Our agents can help you identify your specific needs and tailor a customized package to provide the needed coverage.

Basic and optional coverage for car dealerships:

Our basic auto dealership coverage includes collision and coverage for your garage and driveways. We also provide optional coverage that includes:

  • False pretense, including loss when an automobile is taken under false pretenses
  • Customer personal property, including personal property left in the car
  • Federal odometer errors and omissions
  • Test drives by customers
  • Broadened coverage for named individuals that covers work or products performed in your garage or shop, should that work or product result in an accident or property damage
  • Employee benefits
  • …and much more

A full line of coverage:

As part of our entire line of insurance products, we provide additional insurance coverage needed by your auto dealership.

These additional policies include:

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto
  • Workers compensation

Because we know that many agencies do not have the experience or knowledge about specific industries, we take pride in the fact that our agents are keenly aware of your unique needs. Additionally, our services extend to auto dealerships throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

We’re right in your backyard, so you can count on our agents to determine the correct coverage policies that can help keep your business, as well as your clients and employees, safe.

If you are a car dealer, contact Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services today. Call 800.511.9377 to talk with one of our agents to identify your risks and insurance needs. You can also fill out the free quote form and we will contact you.