Restaurant Insurance

Insurance to keep your restaurant in business from Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services.

As a restaurant owner, you have created a unique establishment that is different from all others. Your insurance coverage should be just as unique as your restaurant. Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services can assist you in creating a custom insurance package that will provide the necessary protection.

There are many issues that can occur that can potentially harm your restaurant. For instance, extensive damage can happen during a power outage or a water main break. These can cause thousands of dollars in damages.

Do you have a current policy that protects you against food spoilage? How about coverage against liquor liability or food delivery claims? You want to provide a great experience to your clients; however, you also need to be aware of potential lawsuits or claims brought by them. These types of examples show just how unique restaurant coverage needs to be.

Coverage for restaurants in the Tri-State area:

Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services provides coverage to restaurants in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We have a full line of policies and plans that will suit your establishment’s needs.

These coverage plans include:

  • General Liability
  • Property Insurance
  • Business Income
  • Food Spoilage/Contamination
  • Equipment Failure/Breakdown

Other coverage we can provide includes:

  • Crime/Employee Dishonesty
  • Workers Compensation

We have policies and plans that can provide great insurance coverage for your restaurant. In addition, we provide stellar service to ensure anything you need help with – from a claim to an adjustment – is dealt with quickly and efficiently. We take your insurance needs to heart and will personally invest ourselves in making sure you get the coverage you need.

Call Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services at 800.511.9377 today to speak to one of our agents or fill our free online quote form. We will discuss your restaurant and its needs. We will study your situation and establishment and provide a quote for a custom insurance package for your restaurant.