Specialty Programs

Unique coverage for unique businesses.

At Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services, we understand that many businesses have unique needs, and as such, we offer specialty programs for those requirements. Take a look at some of the services we offer.

High-end tile stores:

Professionally installed tile and grout can turn a dull room into a stunning one. However, having your tile business properly insured is just as important as the final product. The tile and materials must be insured to protect the business, as well as the client. Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services can provide this coverage in addition to standard policies including property, commercial, and liability insurance.

Insurance for wholesalers:

Wholesalers who are dealing with goods and larger equipment face potentially hazardous situations. You may be moving goods around the world or working with stacked pallets in a warehouse. You may use specific tools and vehicles, all of which need specialized protection.

As a wholesaler, these aspects of your business require comprehensive insurance. We can design a wholesalers insurance policy that can indemnify your business from a host of risks. In fact, our risk assessment specialists can help you pinpoint some risks you may not have even been aware of.

Insurance for accountants:

The accounting occupation often faces lawsuits based on errors and omissions. A lawsuit can result from a client who loses a large financial investment based on bad accounting or other such situations. Protect your business and reputation with insurance options from Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services. We can help you combine coverage packages including errors and omissions, as well as general liability insurance.

Package property insurance:

If you own several properties, you need to find the correct coverage that will cover all these separate assets. Assembling the perfect set of property insurance policies to cover all your needs can be problematic.

If you have a series of properties – or a property with unique risks exposures – we can find the right coverage. In some cases, we can even fold your homeowners and commercial property insurance into one packaged program. We can find a way to aggregate your various property policies, so you only have to worry about one policy – and one monthly statement.

Insurance risk management services:

We have a program called Insurance and Risk Management Services. This comprehensive service will give you peace of mind that you have the proper coverage.

Here’s how: You may not be aware of the services you need to fully protect your business from exposure to losses and to reduce the total cost of insurance. There can be a number of contributing factors that interfere in the way your insurance coverage is placed. The services you receive are limited to the agent’s expertise, experience and their commitment to you. Our program outlines the services and commitment that should be part of the insurance program you are purchasing.

Cost is just one facet of your insurance program. Take the time to discover what others have found to be a true and valuable relationship through a comprehensive Insurance & Risk Management Service program.

Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services provides these specialty insurance services and policies to our clients throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Give us a call at 800.511.9377 today to ensure that you have the best coverage in place.