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  1. A New Review From The Insurance Beer Snob

    Bill Jeppe is Kimberley Vassal Insurance’s official Beer Snob! This time around Bill reviews a collaboration beer from Saint Somewhere Brewing of Florida and Intangible Ales of Pennsylvania, titled Soleil Reverie. Check out the review to learn more! Visit our YouTube page to see more reviews,

  2. Revitalize Your Yard For Spring

    Now that spring is in the air it’s time to get your yard ready for the warmer months to come! Throughout the winter months your lawn tends to go dormant, which can cause serious wear and tear. Below are some tips to help revive your yard from winter. Remove patches of damaged lawn: Salt, plows and […]

  3. Tips For Driving in the Rain

    The saying April showers bring May flowers might be an old Springtime fallacy, but thus far the rain has definitely graced us with its presence a number of times. It’s important to be wary of the increased rainfall during the Spring season because it has the ability to hinder ones ability to drive. According to the U.S. Department of […]

  4. A New Beer Review By The Insurance Beer Snob

    by msteindl

    Bill Jeppe, Kimberley Vassal Insurance’s official Beer Snob, is back with a new review! This time around Bill reviewed a rare beer from Founders Brewing Company, titled Kentucky Breakfast Stout or KBS for short. Check out the review below and visit our YouTube page for past reviews,

  5. Tips To Protect You While Filing Taxes

    Whether you are preparing your tax return on your own or hiring a professional, the process can be very demanding. With only about a week separating us from the April 15 tax deadline, the race is on. On top of correctly filling out all of the forms, one must also be wary of tax scams. More specifically, […]

  6. How to Prevent Fog on Car Windows

    If you’ve ever driven a car then it’s likely you’ve experienced fog build up on your windshield. Dealing with foggy windows is not only annoying but very dangerous because it can obstruct ones vision. Car windows tend to fog over because of two reasons, warm humid air meets a cooler surface or cold air meets […]

  7. Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

    With Spring among us the implication to “clean” is in full effect. For many of us spring cleaning is a tradition, it’s a way for people to revive their home following the winter months. However, spring cleaning tasks such as lifting and bending, moving objects, and climbing ladders all heighten the risk for home injuries. Therefore, it’s important to keep safety […]

  8. Help Your Home Recover From Winter

    I’m sure many are breathing a sigh of relief upon the arrival of Spring last week. The departure of Winter seemed to be at an all time high this year following the exceptionally cold and brutal winter. Due to the extreme temperature dips, snow, and ice experienced this Winter your home has likely took a beating. Looking […]

  9. Help Your Car Recover from Winter

    With the arrival of Spring, now is the perfect time to inspect your car to ensure everything is in safe working condition. Taking the time to inspect your vehicle is an important procedure considering your car has just battled snow, ice, salt and potholes for the past few months. Below are a few areas of your […]

  10. The Insurance Beer Snob is Back!

    Bill Jeppe, Kimberley Vassal Insurance’s official Beer Snob, is back after a long hiatus! This time around Bill reviewed two beers, the first comes from Hops and Grain Brewery, titled Greenhouse IPA. The second is from Cigar City Brewing, titled Dry-Hopped On The High Seas Caribbean-Style IPA. Check out the review below and visit our YouTube page for […]